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  Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Event Descriptions
          The Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Endurance Run is the lead event in the Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.  Kettle Moraine is an established and well-respected 100 mile run contested on the historic Ice Age National Scenic Trail near Madison, Wisconsin.  As runners traverse the Ice Age National Scenic Trail they will pass through “Kettles” (glacier created valleys) and “Moraines” (glacier created peaks) as they gain over 12,000 feet in elevation and descend an equal amount.  The race format is comprised of two out and back sections and features a concurrent 38 mile “Fun Run” that enables the 100 mile racers to mix with the Fun Run racers during the second out and back section in the final stages of the 100 mile race.

        The Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run is one of the oldest 100 mile trail races in the United States, 24 years and running strong!  Racers run through the gorgeous Mohican Wilderness in north central Ohio and experience some of the most beautiful natural wilderness in the country.  The race format is comprised of four completions of a “marathon” length loop.  Think the Midwest is flat?  Think again!  The North Face Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run features a cumulative elevation gain of about 14,920 feet and an equal amount of descent--about the same amount of elevation gain and loss as the Leadville Trail 100 and more than the Vermont 100, both of Grand Slam notoriety.  The Mohican 100 is a stunning run that will both challenge and satisfy you!

         The Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run is one of the fastest growing 100 mile races in the United States, and in just a few short years Burning River has become one of the largest 100 mile races.  Named for the Cuyahoga River, which caught fire in 1969, Burning River is a unique event in several respects.  First, the course is a point-to-point event so that runners never pass the same place twice.  The course passes through many scenic natural parks in the Cleveland to Akron, Ohio area.  In addition, the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run carries the distinction of being the USA Track & Field 100 Mile Trail National Championship.  Runners choosing to participate in the National Championship are eligible to compete for over $10,000 in prize money, which is awarded in both overall and age group categories.  What more could you ask for than a shot at winning enough cash to break even in your running adventures?

        The Hallucination 100 Mile Run is the culminating event in the Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.  The Hallucination 100 course is comprised of completing a single trail loop six times, and the evenly spaced aid stations and afternoon start (4:00 PM) help make the Hallucination 100 one of the most runner friendly trail 100 milers.  The Hallucination 100 Mile Run is the capstone event of the three day Run Woodstock festival of trail running events--featuring 100 Mile, 100K, 50 Mile, 50K, Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K, 5 Mile, and 5K events.  Run Woodstock has over 1,000 participants in its various events, and the rate of participant growth has been simply explosive.  The Woodstock style atmosphere is electric and buzzes with constant activity, including among other attractions, live bands performing on a full stage.  The Hallucination 100 is contested near Hell, Michigan and you will feel like you have passed through, conquered, and emerged from Hell itself as you complete the Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.  Run Woodstock is the perfect setting in which to complete the Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning—you will finish amongst the crowds and cheers of hundreds of trail running enthusiasts from 5Kers to 100 Milers who will all be in awe of your audacity and tenacity in completing the Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning!

        Added in 2013,
the Indiana Trail 100 
is the first 100 mile race in Indiana and a part of the Midwest Grand Slam of Ultrarunning's “Super Slammers.”  The race takes place in Chain O’Lakes State Park in Northern Indiana on a 16.67 mile looped course. The elevation gain for the 100 mile race is approximately 5,250 feet. The course has quickly gained a reputation for being diverse, well-maintained, and deceptively challenging the longer you’re out running.  There is a great trail system in the park to help family and/or crew members follow their favorite racers throughout the event. 
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